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Manufacturing & Quality Control
A rocket stove should be compact, yet efficient, light but strong, well made but well priced.  This is our aim. 

We are a little Aussie family bringing you quality innovation and good value.  I'm a one man show with 3 females to keep me on my toes and organise my life.  I'm also brutally honest. 

My shed is overflowing with rocket stove prototypes I've built in my spare time over the last 5 years, whilst working my trade as a sheet metal fabricator and light engineer.   (I'm not an engineer it's just what it says on the certificate)

All this prototyping has led to the compact rocket stove you see in our store, with more designs coming soon. 

My goal in building these was not just to take other people's word at face value, (there's a lot of hype about what rocket stoves are and what they can do) but to actually build and test a stove that was highly efficient, compact and sturdy.

Check out our blog to discover more rocket stove designs and the discoveries I've made along the way. 


Minister of War & Finance
Design & Production
Little Ausie Rocke Stoves Family Photo
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