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This is our gravity feed dual burner rocket stove oven.  All stainless steel construction, fully insulated burn chamber with aluminium silicate fibre which is regularly used in forges. 

You can now cook with two pots, and be baking at the same time.  The insulated burn chamber makes it very easy to run, along with the gravity feed (this is the only rocket stove to date my wife likes to use).

We have very limited stock so we are taking expressions of interest.  


IF YOU PURCHASE HERE, this is a wait list, which enables us to buy parts for assembly.  Turn around time is up to a month, this will get better, as time progresses. You will be given progress upgrades as laser cutting provides.


Weight: 15.4 kg

Height: 47cm

Width: 29cm

Length: 36cm


Oven Internals:

Opening is 25cms

Width is 25cm

Depth is 21cm

Comes with 2 baking trays, and 4 positions to arrange them. 

Video is on our YouTube Channel Little Aussie Rockets

Contact us via



Dual Burner Rocket Stove Oven

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