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We have long desired to resurrect our old pizza oven in a way that we could share it with you guys, and thus is born this little pizza oven.  Cooks a pizza in 4 mins,  getting to approximately 400C.    You can also fry pancakes on a frying pan on top

Big enough to be useful and small enough that it's portable.  Weighing 17.5kg, this is a solid little unit, made out of 2mm mild steel, that comes as a flat pack to be assembled using only a shifter. 

Assembly time was under ten minutes.  We include a handy little tool to help you fold the correct angles as shown in the Youtube video. 

We also include a pizza paddle to help you get your creations in and out safely. 

Dimensions of the assembled are, 60cm tall, 37cm wide, 35cm deep.  It neatly fits a 33cm pizza stone that we purchased from Bunnings (not included)


The flat pack arrives as a long package in the mail supported by a wooden slab.

Pizza Oven

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