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Introducing the upgraded version of the Compact Rocket Stove.  This stove is made from 3mm,  80x80mm SHS stainless steel, and features our classic keep warm plate, which allows you to keep a meal warm whilst boiling the kettle. 

The pot holders detach for easy cleaning and storage to reduce the stoves footprint.  This stove is physically bigger than our original Compact stove, standing 13 inches tall, inc potholders, and weighing 3.08kg.  It easily takes a 6inch skillet and is very stable.  
 This stove will cook a meal on a couple of handfuls of twigs and sticks and heat control is very simple.  To start the stove, use matches or a flint onto dry leafy material, building up to small sticks the diametre of your pinky, which will produce the hottest cooking temperature. Wood the size of your thumb, is better for a long slow cook.   The stove takes 15 mins to get up to full working temperature, and then becomes very low maintenance to keep temperature stable. 
This stove is only suitable for seasoned dried timber, and produces very little to no smoke once it gets up to temperature, at which point you will burn your food if you don't pay attention. 
This stove will last a life time, to clean, wait until cool, tip ash out in a safe location, and wipe down with a wet rag. 

Does not include, percolator, frypan or kettle. 

Price Includes Shipping to US, UK, NZ and EUR

Stainless Steel Compact - US, UK, NZ, EUR - Shipping Inc.

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